Annabelle Stein

A happy-go-lucky rogue who's quite smart, but has no common sense.


Annabelle Stein is a 23 year-old rogue.

Born into a distant lineage of nobility. Generations of incest leave her father a bumbling imbecile. Her mother is unrelated, but the marriage was arranged. Annabelle is the oldest of triplets, the other two are boys. The family originally had some money that had been passed down through inheritance, but it was all spent before her father (Adalhard Stein) was born, leaving her family largely impoverished. Her mother, Mona, is a governess who makes little money. As she is her only daughter, Mona was determined from when Annabelle was young and showed strong intellectual potential to make sure she won’t have the life she leads.

Annabelle was put through a distant boarding school throughout her childhood and adolescence and excelled. However, she had to leave early because of her father’s ever-worsening condition back at home, hundreds of miles away. Strangely, she had been extremely enthusiastic and cheerful all her life.

She came home to find her brothers, once sweet children, had become brutish and wicked. Her mother seemed to have aged significantly. When they were alone, Mona told Annabelle to go back, to leave. There was nothing for her here. She was seventeen at the time but agreed that it was for the best. Annabelle left for the next big town to make the living she knew she was best suited for— pick-pocketing rich fuckers and sitting and doing book-learnin’. There was some kleptomania in there too, but taking money from people that had plenty of money was how she kept afloat to pay for the education at this town, which was not free. Although she was technically homeless, she continued walking around markets and buildings completely nonplussed.

While wandering around the city picking up some GP for next week’s food, she is (much to her surprise and a bit of annoyance) is caught in the act. The man, furious, attempts to rape her. Not having any weapons on her at the time and being a bit of a waif, she could only yell. Thankfully, miraculously even, a man named Eric Goldstar happened to be walking across the path. Also furious, he instantly kills Annabelle’s attacker. She, strangely again, perks up immediately and says “Hey wow, thanks! That would have sucked!” He seems a bit startled by her immediate return to any semblance of normalcy. Annabelle asks him what he’s up to in the town and he tells her, probably accidentally. Because making friends is super fun and all that, she follows him around to the library while he’s trying to do book-learnin’. For whatever reason, the two became the best of friends who go on adventures.

Annabelle Stein

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